The nurse expelled from the Gendarmerie brigade, a fake news

Did a nurse have to leave the accommodation of a Gendarmerie barracks where she lived because of her job? The information, released by Lorraine Actu on April 11, was outraged on social media, but would in reality be fake news.

“After the containment measures were announced, I was asked to return to where I lived before I lived in barracks,” said Lorraine Actu, the woman. The reason? I’m a nurse, a risky job, and I’m likely to get the coronavirus. ”

The nurse denied by the Gendarmerie

However, the news is very much like fake news. Fortunately, the gendarmes do not in fact drive the nursing staff who live there from their brigades. Thus, recalls the communication service of the Armed Forces, many gendarmes and nurses live as a couple quite normally in barracks in France.

The nurse did not have the authorization to live in barracks

For the Lorraine nurse – or nursing assistant, another professional title mentioned by Lorraine Actu on twitter -, the situation was apparently different. The latter had established a relationship a few months ago with a gendarme. But the couple had not yet formally requested permission to live together in the barracks.

Questioned by L’Essor, the general direction reminds that an authorization is necessary since the barracks is a military building. It is for this reason, not his profession, that the Gendarmerie asked the nurse to live in another accommodation, the time of confinement. The couple can, upon deconfinement, make a request to live together at the barracks. It will therefore be so, at least until May 11, according to the calendar announced by Emmanuel Macron last night.

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