Teaching science to aliens

The blob of the Cité des sciences offers “The adventure of the Sepas” an animated series in which the Terrans have the difficult task of teaching science to extraterrestrials: Sum and Hawk, two nice little “aliens” from the planet Sepa, are sent on a mission to understand the science of Earthlings. This series is particularly aimed at young audiences: 19 episodes are currently available, a fun and educational way to teach science, and to tackle complex, and often surprising, subjects.

Each episode lasts between three and four minutes and offers very diverse themes, but always under a title intended to arouse curiosity. The 19 episodes sometimes tackle scientific themes that would seem inaccessible to young audiences, but whose presentation is always humorous and fascinating: “Les Sépas et la radiothérapie”, “Les Sépas et la radiothérapie”, “Les Sépas et les radios “,” The Sepas and the steam engine “,” The Sepas and the bug “,” The Sepas and the velcro “,” The Sepas and the algorithms “,” The Sepas and the Archimedes thrust “,” The Sépas et la Montgolfière “,” Sépas and the water of Mars “,” Sépas and micro-organisms “,” Sépas: the Earth is round “,” Sépas and genetics “,” Les Sépas et la gravitation ”,“ The Sepas and the telescope ”,“ The Sepas and the antibiotics ”,“ The Sepas and the geostationary orbit ”,“ The Sepas and the dinosaurs ”,“ The Sepas and the stethoscope ”. Sum and Hawk have no problem sharing their scientific enthusiasm on any subject.

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