Sixth Science, episode 29: Notre-Dame, a year later

For the 29th episode of Sixth Science, the 20-minute Science and Avenir scientific podcast tells you everything about the Notre-Dame de Paris construction site a year later.

April 15, 2019: its arrow disappeared, its roof and its frame went up in smoke…. A year later, the causes of the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral fire are still unknown. You want to know more ? During this original confinement, listen to the 29th episode of Sixth Science, the scientific podcast of Sciences et Avenir and of 20 minutes which reveals all about the state of the building site.

Eight working groups entirely devoted to scientific research

At the microphone, two journalists who were necessarily confined, Arnaud Devillard, a high-tech journalist at Sciences et Avenir who met the various officials and scientists in charge of repair, answered questions from Romain Gouloumès, journalist at 20 Minutes.

Since the disastrous date, not a day without engineers but also architects, mechanics, archaeologists, carpenters, biochemists wood specialists … have only continued to consolidate the structure – which always threatens to collapse – and to choose the best dining options.

In parallel with these colossal works, no less than eight working groups, entirely devoted to scientific research, have emerged: glass, stone, metal, timber, digital, acoustics, structure, anthropology. Some researchers have even received training as rope access technicians to reach the heights of the cathedral! So many works managed by the CNRS which released specific credits.

It is not a question of “reconstructing” Notre-Dame de Paris but of “restoring” it

In any case, on the ground, specialists insist: it is not a question of “reconstructing” Notre-Dame de Paris but of “restoring” it. Except obviously the frame and the spire, irreparably destroyed. A year later, the choice on the material of the replacement frame has still not been decided: wood, concrete, metal?

While consensus was not yet in place, we will also have to take into account the delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In any case, you can always, while waiting for the end of confinement, (re) listen to the entire episodes of Sixth Science.

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