Pandemic. The IDF Technology Department has built a new Lab.

The IDF Technology and Logistics Department has built a new laboratory that will be used by MDA for corona testing. It is a mobile laboratory, which will allow staff to remain without protective equipment, thanks to an air pressure system that will make work easier and safer, and save time and money. The laboratory will allow 6 people to be tested at the same time and to be able to travel across the country.

As part of efforts to streamline and expand the scope of corona testing, the IDF’s Technology and Logistics Division built a mobile laboratory, in a container, for testing by Magen David Adom (MDA) to detect the virus. The mobile lab has six workstations and an air pressure system that keeps the team from getting infected.

The laboratory was developed as a collaboration between the Logistics Division and the Technology Division of TSAHAL and will allow MDA to perform mass tests across the country. The lab will be a safe, closed and secure place for testers – and allow six people to be tested at the same time.

Staff working in the laboratory will not have to wear protective clothing because they are airtight from outside air. This new solution saves time and money and provides greater comfort and a faster work pace for teams. The built laboratory runs on electricity or generator and built in coordination with MDA.

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