“Next World Academy”!

Faced with the Coronavirus crisis, citizens are mobilizing to imagine and define the next world. They organize a virtual Festival as part of an “Academy of the world after”.

– Where did the World Academy initiative come from next?

Containment! The feeling of helplessness was unbearable for us. We had to act and react. Thus a group of more than a hundred friends launched the idea of an “informal and virtual Academy intended to think the world after”. In reality, this group already existed: by 2019, a network for exchanging ideas and information on the ecological and united world to which we aspired had set up by itself, or almost. We called it “the love pack.”

– “The love pack”?

It is a name that was born out of an observation and corresponds to an image.

Those responsible for our ills, those who undermine our common heritage are not isolated individuals: they are actors who hunt in packs, their predatory actions form a system and promote a political, economic and financial logic, which ‘it is necessary to deconstruct collectively. Faced with a neoliberal pack that devours everything on its greedy path, our answer is clear: resist and transform in the name of the love of life … Goodwill exists, but is not enough, we have to work together, organize, mobilize and innovate. Certainly, associations and NGOs do a remarkable job, but often, they remain focused on their respective fields of action, too attentive to ensuring respect for what they perceive as their “backyard”. The time has come for the living and positive forces to come!

Of course we are rather left and green but if the intelligence was only there to preserve and defend the commons, it would be known … our motto comes from “Teilhard” by Chardin who said that for unite, you have to know you are different. This is our credo. And then it is also high time that the Gentiles get together.

– How to qualify those who form the world academy according to?

Let’s say the bottom line is collective strength: we don’t want to show any leadership. We express a desire for change, an act of breaking with the chaos of our world. The know-how and the ideas are in us all. It is now a question of getting involved and intervening in public debate to build the world we want, before this plan for change is confiscated and thus escapes citizens.

The love pack, from the start of confinement, intervened to defend the importance of masks with “down the masks”, to require massive tests to better protect themselves, to alert on the link air pollution and pandemic , biodiversity and recurrent epidemics. We launched with the love pack #confinedmobilized in support of caregivers with a petition with 30,000 signatures. We support the production of “filterable” textile masks that can be reused by the social and solidarity economy. We are simply active citizens. And we express ourselves in different forums. And the idea of ​​spreading this desire for solidarity during this weekend with an online festival emerged last Sunday. And in a week we were able to program these artists, scientists, experts, activists “associations and workers first on the rope” with great energy to reflect together on the next world. Because we know that the idea always precedes the action. The richness of the program demonstrates this. We hope that this “digital” pollination can give hope and strength to overcome this epidemic and the fate of a world we do not want. The academy of the world according to is wanting to transmit to our children a living and united planet for all its passengers. It is writing another life story than that of social inequalities and of a world that would live between MAD Max and Father Pierre as sung by Bernard Lavilliers. We are not condemned to the world as it is.

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