MOROCCO. Military medicine joins the fight

Faced with the growing number of contaminated cases in Morocco, hospitals and clinics in the Kingdom are mobilizing. In Rabat too.

The Mohammed V military instruction hospital in Rabat is mobilizing and is strengthening hospital structures dedicated to combating the spread of the coronavirus.

Structural reinforcement

Specific areas have been set up depending on the viral status of the patients. Confirmed cases are placed in the red zone according to the clinical plan drawn up for this purpose, suspect cases in the orange zone, while the green zone is reserved for cases in which laboratory tests have proved negative.

The main entrance to the hospital has been reserved exclusively for ambulances carrying positive cases of the virus. Access for all cases is now via a sorting area, where each person goes through a temperature measurement and a questionnaire on the respiratory system or the state of fatigue.

Likewise, patients arriving in ambulances are examined in the vehicle by the doctor, who takes their temperature. In case of doubt, they are directly directed to the isolation zone, which is equipped with resuscitation units, in order to take charge of them and carry out the necessary analyzes.

How are they organized?

Persons without symptoms are allowed to enter, while those suspected are directed to the next area for medical examinations. Patients with stable condition are referred to a control room. Otherwise, they are directed to a preliminary resuscitation room and given oxygen, pending the results of laboratory analyzes.

Subsequently, confirmed positive cases are transferred to the Center for Virology, Infectious and Tropical Diseases.

Equipped tents are reserved for them, to protect medical and paramedical staff and users. Staff are housed in the hospital or in hotels.

In addition, suspect cases are referred directly to an isolation unit to perform the analyzes and wait for the results which appear after 5 to 6 hours. Confirmed cases are then transferred to the isolation area, which has 20 specialized beds. As for the negative cases, they take the green passage in the direction of the clinic block. The reception capacity of this center is 80 beds, of which 20 are devoted to medical isolation and 60 others are intended to accommodate patients.

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