In the beginning of politics was action

“I tell you the truth, this poor widow gave more than any of those who put in the trunk; because everyone put in their superfluity, but she put in her necessities, everything she owned, everything she had to live on. ” Thus taught the Son of Man to his disciples. The idea is not to compare yourself to neighboring countries or to imitate the “settlers” in their plans to revive their economies. But to act, to mobilize internal and external resources, as much as possible, to defeat the Covid-19.

A public effort of economic support in a context of general slowdown in activities, all sectors combined, is essential. Establishment of an inter-ministerial crisis unit responsible for establishing a discussion channel with key companies in difficulty. List urgent measures to be implemented to cushion the economic shock wave caused by the new coronavirus. Create a solidarity fund to help people in precarious situations not to be sent to prison. Among other initiatives that she could count to her credit.

Go even further, in view of the state’s cash flow tensions which are already observed in normal times. Reduce the lifestyle of institutions for a quarter starting this April. Deputies, senators, ministers and other senior officials could, as part of a “war effort”, allocate part of their salaries to the budget of the national response plan.

This global health crisis, far from the boost expected to stimulate the return to the green of macroeconomic indicators of Burundi, could be felt by the majority of Burundians – 70% live below the poverty line – pulling the devil by the tail like the ” crisis too many. ” Another avatar of the Grim Reaper who has come to amplify the crisis factors of the Burundian state: the neo-patrimonial management of power and a democratic culture in its embryonic state, considerably reducing the space for significant compromises.

Any crisis acts as a revelator … The policy of the “Tuna songa mbele” (We are moving forward), revived with renewed vigor thanks to the outbreak of the crisis of April 2015, will be put to the test. Surrounded by a religious dimension assumed by the new “Moses”: If cases of Covid-19 have appeared, it is for the manifestation of divine action. The besieged mentality, the strategies implemented will reveal their weaknesses. The ordinary Burundian citizen will thus better discern the path taken.

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