Google launches the free formula of Stadia, the perfect opportunity to test the cloud gaming

Stadia is now accessible to everyone, without paying a subscription. Google even offers two months of Pro to attract new users.

Launched last November, Stadia is now struggling to convince. But Google may be able to count on the free plan to allow as many players as possible to try out its cloud gaming service. Initially expected in early 2020, the basic option has been launched in the 14 countries where Stadia is available (including France) – read a press release sent to the press on April 8.

As the main argument to discover Stadia, Google offers two months of Pro subscription to everyone (even those who are already users, who will not pay during the period concerned). Note that the deployment can take up to 48 hours, which means that you will not necessarily have access to Stadia right away. To take advantage of this, simply register at this address with your gmail account. The editorial staff are divided on access: some journalists have had it, others have not.


You do not have to buy the 129 euro pack to play on Stadia. It can be accessed from a compatible web browser or Android smartphone. Similarly, the controller marketed by Google is not required to test the platform. This means that the opportunity is indeed free and that there are no hidden costs. You will still have to pay for the games, knowing that Stadia Pro allows you to get nine for free in April (the list will change in May).

After two months, you will have the choice between continuing with Stadia Pro (9.99 euros per month) or opting for the free plan. If this is the case, you will lose the free games but keep the ones you bought (even at a reduced price). Remember that Stadia Base does not allow you to play in 4K and is limited to the 1080p definition (framerate at 60 fps and sound in stereo). During this confinement period, Google is working on a temporary function that limits the display quality to relieve bandwidth.

For Google, this decision to launch the free version of Stadia is important in the sense that this is its best gateway to test the service. Suffice to say that the Mountain View company risks big and must be flawless if it wants to impose itself on a market dominated by traditional consoles. There is still a long way to go for cloud gaming, which requires a good internet connection for a comfortable experience. And, in the coming months, Stadia will have to improve its catalog, stuck at 38 games far from being new for video game enthusiasts.

Next to it, Microsoft’s xCloud, Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Shadow won’t wait.


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