For the return of politics

There is one aspect of the problem posed by the coronomachin which has not been explored at all by our media, it is that of the political and its absence in the viral-pandemic concert. But, will you retort me, there is only that, the Macron, Philippe and others are only parading on the TV! On this subject, we note the stunning silence of the opposition on both the right and the left. Except that these ministerial interventions are not political. These are only the commentary on a prescription drawn up by medicine on account of coromachin which one no longer knows by what end to take. The Macron state, which until then had been content to govern by simple budgetary management, is totally helpless.

We invite you, but don’t make it a necessity, to reread Carl Schmitt and his excellent French exegete, Julien Freund. To make it short and briefly summarize what politics is, it will be said that it is first the implementation of a worldview and the designation of the enemy. It being understood that the notion of enemy is not moral. The enemy is not the adversary, it is first of all what we do not want to go towards, the one we are fighting against. The designation of the enemy is fundamental and at the heart of politics.

View of the world we said. This is none other than the very idea that we have of the power that we exercise on behalf of a people to ensure their security, well-being, prosperity and sustainability. The kings of France, no matter to some, had no other concerns. They were the fathers of the nation. Their greatness was first of all that of their people.

Brought back to the present circumstances, one realizes well that our governors do not make politics since the advent of the Third Republic which chained two world wars which destroyed the cultural base on which our republics posed their being. The economy having logically taken power, the drift of heritage capitalism into financial capitalism suddenly came up against a virus that affects the world population hinders the smooth running of an excessive globalization where man is no longer a simple variable of adjustment and regulation of profits for the sole and only happiness of the shareholders.

What we can hope for, without falling into the demagoguery of those who imagine that the System will fundamentally change, is that new place is given to the return of humans in the major concerns of our rulers and that the cursor, in France but also in Europe, is no longer the Ministry of Economy and Finance. This virus has seriously shaken the world geopolitical map. Hopefully it will allow Europeans to realize that greater independence in all areas is the only guarantee of our survival. For that, we have to play politics, redefine the idea that we have of Europe as a power and realize that we have no friends but competitors – enemies – who do not necessarily want us good as Donald Trump keeps reminding us. Europeans must imperatively understand that their greatness of yesterday is above all the product of their race and that if they want a future, they have every interest in preserving it. Like it or not, that’s what a man like Vladimir Putin understood.

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