Emmanuel Macron in the search for a new political path

Since we know the date of release from containment, May 11, we see accelerating reflections on political strategies to end the crisis.

Yes, and this is the case across the political spectrum. There had been, since the start of the crisis, all those who had rushed to explain that this global epidemic gave them reason, that their program should have been implemented for years, and that it would have avoided the disaster. For example, it would have been enough to close the borders, or reinstate the ISF, or increase the number of civil servants, or stop flying and eating meat. Obviously, most of the time, these demonstrations flopped.

Well, that was to try to explain what should have been done before. And for the future, what is going to happen?

The standard sentence, the one that is used in all circumstances, is: “Nothing will be the same again”. Which means everything and nothing. What is true is that several aspects of the crisis can be used to articulate program elements for the future. With the lack of masks, tests, respirators, we will touch on questions of sovereignty. With the caregivers’ sense of duty, we will look at how to upgrade their work and their careers. After the drama of the Ephad, we will reactivate the subject of dependence and the 4th age. And the fact is, at the very heart of the majority, there is a demand for a shift in government policy. And as usual, this request is rather made by the left wing of the parliamentarians of La République en Marche.

And what will Emmanuel Macron do?

He cogitates. He wavers on all kinds of hypotheses. Not so much about the political orientation of its last five-year term. One of his closest advisers explains that for him, “it is not a question of turning to the right or to the left”, and that the French have no head for that. What the head of state is looking for right now is more a method, a way of governing. A short sentence, spoken Monday evening in front of 37 million viewers, put the ear to the ear: “In the coming weeks, with all the components of our nation, I will try to draw the way.” With all the components of the nation, says the head of state, what one of his close friends translates as: he wants to associate the parties, the Assemblies, of course, but also associations, civil life, NGOs. It is this search for unity that is the key …

And what does the opposition say?

After a first moment of destabilization, she stiffened. Marine Le Pen, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and the socialists will not follow. As for the Republicans, they are not delighted, and the time is not for union government. And besides, behind whom, which Prime Minister? This is the other question, classic in these moments of political rupture and change of cycle: will there be a reshuffle or not? Edouard Philippe is solid, loyal, very good in crisis management, but it must be, for him as for the President, absolutely exhausting. So, master card or not? There too, it will start to meditate…

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