Coronavirus in France: second day of slight decrease in the number of patients in intensive care

While the government has confirmed the reinforcement of controls for the Easter weekend, the mortality figures for the epidemic showed for the second consecutive day, Friday 10 April, a slight drop in the number of patients in the intensive care unit French hospitals. The latest assessment is estimated at 13,197 people who died from Covid-19 since March 1, including 8,598 in hospitals and at least 4,599 in nursing homes and other social and medico-social establishments receiving elderly people.

Begun on March 17 and already extended once, the confinement will continue after Tuesday, has already warned the Elysee. Until when ? Emmanuel Macron could address the issue in his speech scheduled for Monday evening, his fourth since March 12.

Macron and Philippe consult before Monday

Economic measures, preparation for removal from containment… MM. Macron and Philippe are leading a series of meetings on Friday April 10 to prepare the address to the French. At the start of the morning, Edouard Philippe held a videoconference with all the ministers to take stock of the crisis, both from a health and economic standpoint, as well as on the work in progress with regard to a possible digital device for “Tracing”.

For his part, Emmanuel Macron participated in a 1.5 hour videoconference meeting with heads of state and government and European Commissioners linked to his political family in the European Parliament. After the agreement reached between the European finance ministers on a common economic response, this working meeting focused on “concrete measures” taken at European level “to fight the epidemic” and “revive the economy”, strongly affected by the crisis, according to the Elysée.

Second day of decrease in the number of patients in intensive care

The total toll of the epidemic is estimated at 13,197 people dead. For the second time, on Friday, the balance of admissions and discharges of patients hospitalized in intensive care was down slightly. This indicator, which measures the number of bed openings, is widely followed by professionals because it shows the pressure on the health system.

The director general of health, Jérôme Salomon, said in his daily update on the epidemic: “It is a pale ray of sunshine but a shy thinning very important for all caregivers”.

  • 554 additional deaths were recorded in hospitals between Thursday and Friday, bringing the death toll of people who died in hospitals since March 1 to 8,598;
  • the balance sheet concerning accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) and medico-social establishments amounted to 4,599 dead;
  • 31,267 people are currently hospitalized for a coronavirus infection (ie 500 additional bed places allocated to Covid-19 patients in twenty-four hours), including 7,004 serious cases in intensive care; 431 people have been transferred to intensive care since the previous day;
  • however, with the discharges, the number of patients occupying a bed in intensive care is down for the second consecutive day with 62 fewer patients in twenty-four hours.

As for health professionals and employees of medico-social establishments, 6,019 potential cases of contamination have been reported, according to Santé publique France. Among them, around fifteen deaths have so far been made public. General practitioners or emergency doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, hospital workers, health managers… health professionals pay a heavy price.

At least one positive case in 60% of Ile-de-France nursing homes

More than 400 of the 700 Ehpad in Ile-de-France know “at least one case of Covid-19”, announced Friday to AFP Aurélien Rousseau, the director of the Regional Health Agency, estimating that the “contagion progresses quickly ”, especially among staff. “We are in a context where the number of infected people among staff is increasing at the same speed as in the general population,” worried Mr. Rousseau.

The government announced on Monday that a massive screening campaign would be gradually launched in the Ehpad, which previously could only test the first three suspected Covid-19 people.

Fifty Covid-19 positive cases on the French aircraft carrier “Charles-de-Gaulle”

Fifty crew members of the French aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle tested positive for the coronavirus, the ministry of armies announced on Friday, adding that three sailors had been evacuated “as a preventive measure”. “No deterioration in the state of health of the sailors on board has been observed at the present time,” the source said. “The objective is to identify the contamination circuit and apply the protocol to limit the spread of the virus,” said the ministry. An army health service team was dispatched on Wednesday with two epidemiologists, a biosecurity expert and a doctor in charge of the samples.

Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly told the Senate that a total of 369 cases of contamination had been confirmed by tests in the armies. She added that 3,800 cases were “probable and possible”, and announced that Barkhane’s succession could be postponed.

Appels à ne pas relâcher les efforts avant le week-end de Pâques

“Containment works,” said Arnaud Fontanet, epidemiologist at the Pasteur Institute and member of the Covid-19 scientific council, on RMC on Friday. “Above all, in the coming month, we must continue this effort with the same intensity, because it will not have to restart. The initial advice from the Scientific Council was “at least six weeks” containment.

After stepping forward to discuss the preparation for deconfinement, Edouard Philippe backed off this week, declaring that he was called “obviously to last for a while longer” after the announced end date of April 15. On the eve of Easter weekend and at the start of a holiday for part of the country, containment controls will be reinforced on the coast, on motorways and in the massifs.

After Paris and five other Ile-de-France departments, it is in Alsace, a region very affected by the virus, that all individual sporting activities will be prohibited during the day from this weekend. A similar measure was also taken in Saint-Etienne. Group outings are also prohibited in Ardèche.

In Guyana, an Amerindian village was quarantined by prefectural decree after the discovery of an “epidemic center”. The confinement of the population in French Polynesia is extended at least until April 29, announced Dominique Sorain, high commissioner of the Republic of this territory of the South Pacific, on Thursday.

The government foresees “the biggest recession in France since 1945”

While 6.9 million workers out of nearly 20 million private workers are affected by short-time working, a constantly growing figure, the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) collapsed by 6% in the first quarter, according to the Banque de France. Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire announced to Les Echos on Thursday that the government is forecasting a 6% economic recession in 2020 in France.

“This is the biggest recession in France since 1945,” said the minister. The Minister of Action and Public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin, in the same interview with the business daily, said he expects a public deficit of 7.6% of GDP and a public debt of 112% of GDP.

Another announcement: the emergency plan for the economy should drop from 45 billion to 100 billion euros, “by adding all the budgetary and cash measures in favor of businesses,” said the minister – including compensation. the partial activity mechanism (20 billion euros provisioned), the solidarity fund (whose allocation goes from 1 billion to 5 billion), the deferral of tax and social charges (up to 33 billion euros). “For the state budget alone, the cost drops from around $ 6 billion to almost $ 22.5 billion,” said Darmanin.

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