Corona in Iran: Catastrophic situation, 8.7 million people in Tehran will be infected by March 20, 2020

The situation in Iran is deteriorating day by day and very quickly, and no government official in the country seems to have control of the situation.

The virus has already spread to most districts of the state.

While what is published, speaks of the same deaths of senior leaders who have died of corona virus in recent days, those who consult social media immediately understand the seriousness of the disaster in this country.

Last night, since the outbreak of the Corona virus in Iran, an entire neighbourhood has been closed. No exit, no entry.

Videos on social media show people collapsing in the middle of the street and staying there for a very long time until medical and emergency agencies turned to care for them.

State hospitals are already full of patients and anyone infected, trying to get treatment, is sent home with a prescription to local pharmacies so they can get their medication back.

However, this only increases the spread of the virus and the spread of the epidemic.

Hospitalized patients immediately infect everyone around them and their neighbors in the neighborhood, and when they go to pharmacies to take the drugs, they are pressured by the masses, who are immediately infected with their neighbours in turn, if they are not already infected at home.

Some mention the early days of plague expansion in Wu Han, China, but the Chinese government has many resources to deal with the plague, while Iran has almost nothing.

The information spreading like wildfire is:

“30-40% of The citizens of Tehran (8.7 million inhabitants) will be infected with COVID19 by March 20, 2020,” said Masoud Madani, an infectious disease expert, to the Iran Journal on the coronavirus epidemic in the capital.

Dr Masoud Mardani, an Iranian infectious disease expert and member of the National Influenza Commission, estimates that nearly 40% of Iranians living in the capital Tehran will be infected with corona virus in no time.

Dr. Mardani said in an interview with an Iranian newspaper that an infected person can transmit the virus to four people at the same time.

In Tehran, there are officially 8.7 million people today, but hundreds of thousands more are flocking to the capital to try to get jobs that will allow them to survive because of the devastating economic situation across the country.

That is, according to the Iranian expert on infectious diseases, more than 3 million people cannot treat themselves in Tehran because of the severe shortage of medical equipment dedicated to treat the corona virus, more than 100,000 people will die simply because they were born in the wrong country and at the wrong time.

Iran’s Foreign Minister-Zarif blames the United States for exerting economic terror on his country, which brought them, because of severe sanctions, to the current catastrophic situation.

The Iranian regime continues to damage the country’s Internet so as not to let all the information reach the world.

Moreover, without any control, the Iranians continue to leave the country, the countries of the Middle East and spread the disease there as well. It should be noted that the Iranians come freely, through their peacekeepers, to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen in these borderless countries.

The world’s media announcement in fact Iran has become the global time bomb.

Other compilers add that Egypt will soon be in the same situation. Not hearing about such cases in Egypt does not mean that everything is fine there. It means lying and censoring !!!

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