Contaminated Tom Hanks Gives Blood for Science and Wife Warns Against Chloroquine

Restored since March, the actor and his wife Rita Wilson tell about their recovery and participate in research on covid-19.

They were both among the first stars to contract the coronavirus. At 63, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson are now completely cured of covid-19 and use their free time to fight the disease that affects many countries.

Immunized against the virus since their contamination, the two personalities announced that they had donated their blood as part of a study on the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus. She will try to determine if their antibodies are useful for her conception, and if the couple will also be able to donate her plasma, said Rita Wilson during an interview on the American channel CBS.

Tom Hanks’ wife also revisited the chloroquine treatment given to him during his hospital stay. Although she does not know whether or not the controversial treatment played a role in her recovery, the singer-author admits to having experienced “extreme side effects” after taking it. “I was completely nauseous, I felt dizzy, I couldn’t walk, and my muscles were very weak,” she says. “We have to be very careful with this drug,” she added. We don’t know if it’s reliable in this case. ”

Rita Wilson finally recounts the different symptoms that the virus has caused in her: fatigue, fever, pain and chills, as well as loss of taste and smell. The signs of the disease were more subdued in Tom Hanks, who lost none of his senses.

On March 11, the couple was quarantined at a hospital near Brisbane, Australia, after being tested positive for coronavirus. The two spouses stayed on the Gold Coast, where Tom Hanks participated in the filming of a biographical film on Elvis Presley directed by the Australian Baz Luhrmann. As for Rita Wilson, singer-author, she had given concerts in Sydney and Brisbane. The duo had been released from the hospital six days later, and said they were “feeling better.” Since then, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have returned to the United States.

On Tuesday April 14, the American death toll was now 25,757 due to the coronavirus, which makes the United States the most mourning country in the world.

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