Common political and customary reaction to the repatriation program

On March 30, they spoke together to announce the plan to repatriate stranded Caledonians around the world. In a press release released last night, the vice-president of the government, the president of the Congress, that of the customary senate and the grand chiefdom of Païta again express themselves jointly to mark the new stage of the device: a flight program, presented Friday afternoon, which gives those concerned some visibility for the next four weeks (detail to find here).

“We will watch”

“The first flights […] made it possible to experiment with the procedures, to deal with all situations, and to consolidate […] the containment system in hotels”, co-sign Gilbert Tyuienon, Roch Wamytan, Hippolyte Sinewami Htamumu and the representative of the chiefdom of Païta. “We will ensure that this is the case until the end of the repatriation program and as long as the returnees are in confinement.” And to thank all the players in this plan and the confinement of new arrivals, while calling on the Caledonians to respect the protection instructions. “This fight will only be won with the commitment of everyone, whatever their place in our society.”

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