City medicine at a standstill

“There is a real risk of contamination if it opens,” said a well-known medical specialist in the city.

City medicine is completely stopped. Liberal health care professionals outside the hospital have since dropped the curtain, brutally leaving their patients stranded, raking wide in the hope of finding an open office. to renew their prescriptions. Others, having anticipated the events, considered it useful to postpone the appointments with their patients. Some of these doctors believe that “the opening of their offices can pose a real threat to the spread of the Covid-19 virus”, hence the need to “protect themselves and the patients whose health they are monitoring for years ”. So the main reason put forward by doctors contacted by L’Expression is “the flagrant lack of means of protection”. “The risk of contamination is real in the event of opening,” said a specialist doctor well known in the city. He adds that “this deficiency is not the fault of anyone or any institution”. “The whole world, brutally surprised by the rapid advance of this crawling virus, has suffered from the lack of masks and gloves,” he said.

The best example, he said, is that “these hospitals, which are donated hundreds of means of protection, hydro-alcoholic gels and decontaminants”. The events take more or less worrying turns so that these doctors of the private sector opted for the easy solution, the closure without notice, while they can easily be of great help by putting themselves, too part even if only in the diagnosis of this virus, question of alleviating the pressure on the hospitals. “However, their protection is a priority,” said a medical visitor, explaining that “all the more so since the symptoms of this virus, known by ordinary people, are easily detectable”.

The private doctor acts just like his comrade mobilized in the first front. He can easily spot signs of respiratory infection.

“In the pandemic phase, patients with a simple or moderate form of Covid-19 symptoms can be treated in the office using city medicine”. “This support and assistance to be provided to the public sector will be ordered by safeguards to be strictly observed, by these doctors, who must demonstrate their willingness to take part in this fight against Covid-19 and this, so that the health sector puts them out of risk by protecting it, ”it was stressed.

This remedy can overcome the problem of large-scale screening using small devices that have not hitherto been deemed useful to discuss, which is the exclusive responsibility of hospitals. The opposite is happening in the countries where this pandemic is raging. “Screening is carried out on passers-by even on the street, while our doctors in the private sector have simply deserted the battlefront under the pretext of confinement,” deplored our medical visitor who is at the same time a doctor by training. The term “impossible” is, in the light of this pandemic, excluded from the dictionary of these Algerians who does not exclude any actor who can bring his touch. The latter are hard at work by embarking on a civic action to put to the benefit of the citizens, by ensuring them free consultations.

While waiting for their colleagues in city medicine, billing for their small consultations at the rate of no less than 2,000 DA each, to follow suit, the latter have “hibernated” safely warm leaving their comrades in the public sector to pursue their noble mission by facing this virus despite all the conditions.

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