Shea Weber. Jeff Petry. What if the Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin finds himself forced to choose between the two?

Jean-Charles Lajoie firmly believes that the CH cannot keep its two defensive pillars beyond the 2020-2021 season. Season at the end of which Petry will be able to gain full autonomy.

If Lajoie recognizes the qualities of the American back, in particular his fluid stroke and his muscular play in the corners of the ice, he evokes what is, according to him, the biggest task in his file: his differential of -116 in 680 games in the National Hockey League (NHL).

“His defensive reading of the game is cloudy. Its coverage errors in its territory often offer good chances to score, even goals to the opponent, “stressed the host of TVA Sports on Wednesday during the JiC show.

Petry still plays an important role on the team, and Bergevin will need his services next season, he who has no interest in seeing his team miss the playoffs for a third consecutive year – the fate of CH this season however remains nebulous.

“The best solution is to keep Petry with the Canadiens,” said Jean-Charles. See him go during the next season. If the team is in trouble on the transaction deadline, it becomes an interesting rental player to trade for something that looks good in return. ”

“And if the team is going well,” continued Lajoie, “you keep it, you see how it behaves and what it asks for once the season is over, even if it means leaving it to test the market on July 1, 2021. It will then have 33 Years.”

“One thing is certain, if he wants a contract of more than three years and orders more than $ 4.5 million a year, bye bye, Jeff,” said JiC.

What about Weber? It’s a question of seeing who of him and Petry would have the greatest value in the trading market, but it still takes Bergevin to be ready to get rid of his captain.

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