Based on Israeli technology, the application to manage the deconfinement is controversial in Morocco

Scheduled for April 20, unless extended, the lifting of the state of health emergency requires preparation on the side of the Ministry of Health. He launched a call for expressions of interest in order to set up an application to “track” the coronavirus. Except that the technology is based on a technique that emerged in Israel, enough to create controversy …

The Ministry of Health wants to acquire the means to stem the coronavirus pandemic. To do this, he launched a call for expressions of interest for the implementation of a mobile application. This application will identify if you have been in contact with a virus carrier in the 14 days before the patient was diagnosed with the disease.

The application uses the location information stored on the mobile device and cross-checks it with the epidemiological data updated by the Ministry of Health. If the application via data crossing determines that you have been in contact with a carrier, you will be directed to a link from the Ministry of Health to inform you of the measures to be taken.

Only, the origin of this technique creates controversy. “We have seen a statement issued on April 9 by the Moroccan state as part of its plan to deal with the Covid 19 crisis, to provide a digital program to track people via smartphones to see if they approach or touch people infected with the emerging coronavirus ”, indicates a press release signed by BDS Morocco, the Moroccan Network of Solidarity with Peoples and the Coordination of Human Rights Defenders.

And to continue: “And because among the proposed techniques of use we find the technique” Hamagen “, produced by the usurping Zionist entity, we reject its use in our country and call on the Moroccan State to remove it from the list proposed technologies, emphasizing that “normalization with the Zionist enemy in any field is a moral offense”.

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