AFRICA. Politics, politics and more politics

Togo’s problem is “all political”. Politics is used to do everything and everything is used to make politics. In these conditions, it is difficult for the country to really move forward.

Local elections were to serve us to achieve better administration of the country by decentralizing, creating smaller autonomous entities and easier to manage. This should enable citizens to better participate in the management of public affairs and to benefit more from it.

But look at what we had done with local elections and decentralization: a little war to grab pieces of power. It is true that under other skies too, where people are more advanced, the election of city councilors is also a power issue, but not only! Unlike here, this election goes far beyond the political aspect. The goal of decentralization is not control and control over the territory, but the citizens’ well-being. Better living through justice and better sharing of the country’s resources.

I know a zemidjan-man in Tsévié. His father left him an inheritance which he rented. Each end of the month, he takes a trifle of 75,000F as rent. The bike he rides belongs to him. He has a second one that he gave to a taxi driver and we keep him up to date every day. This zèd-man also just typed the Code to benefit from the Novissi solidarity program and received a monetary transfer.

Because of the mess that has become like a defect in our Togolese society, we still give to those who already have it and we leave the real poor on the side of the road.

If decentralization is well done, the administration knows more easily within a municipality who earns what, who pays what, who has what income, who deserves what …

And if we put aside the “all political” to liberate the institutions of the Republic? If they work better, we will be better, right?

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