A French Federation of Confined Sports

Agencies specializing in the world of sport, La Fourmi and Leroy Tremblot, invent the FFSC (French Federation of Confined Sports).

At a time when social networks show the treasures of ingenuity of the French to play sports at home, two communication and design agencies respectively, La Fourmi and Leroy Tremblot, launch the French Federation of Confined Sports (FFSC).

It brings together several disciplines including the sofa jump, which consists of taking your sofa for a high jump bar, the pan-pong, table tennis on the kitchen or living room table, or even the ultimate parkours for those who use their furniture as obstacles to build muscle.

“The Federation of Confined Sports, we know we have a duty to stay at home, so we will not stay without doing anything,” said the two agencies in a statement. Their motto is a nod to Pierre de Coubertin: “Slower, less high but just as strong” and their objective to “wear a dose of originality and lightness in a trying moment”. In twenty-four hours, the FFSC account on Instagram already had 200 fans.

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